About Me

Jay Douglas, author, podcasterHello. I’m Jay Douglas, and I write the Out of My Mind blog and also host the Out of My Mind podcast (which is taking some time off).  I’m not a big fan of these About Me pages. Does anybody ever believe them?

But, it seems they’re required reading on blogs, so, I’ve made up this highly unbelievable bio for your entertainment.

It begins with the totally silly fact that I was born in New York City. Come on. A New Yorker moving to Los Angeles? Outrageous.

I’ve written four books (when one would be enough to prove I could do it) and several plays (who would write plays when the real money is in Netflix) .

I was working in podcasting before the name podcasting came along (so how could I know I was working in podcasting).

During my career, which isn’t over yet, I’ve worked as a radio disc jockey and program director, a computer scientist, a salesman and an advertising agency owner (sounds as if someone used Google to find a list of least-compatible occupations). I hold four college degrees, a bachelors in electrical engineering, a masters in computer science, a master of fine arts in screenwriting and a Ph.D. in film, television and new media critical studies. (Seriously, who wants to spend that much time in college?)

I live in Hollywood with my wife, and we have raised several generations of squirrels and skunks (I’ll have to re-write that later because it sounds too much like my relatives).