Grace Murray Hopper and Univac - The Out Of My Mind Blog
If you're just finishing up the toilet paper and AAA batteries you bought for Y2K, you might be interested in who's responsible for Y2K in the first place.

Woman’s Work

Dishwasher Rack - The Out Of My Mind Blog 4
It’s hard to deny that men and women differ genetically. But I wouldn't make a practice of it.

Dishing It Out

JAM Jingles - The Out Of My Mind Blog 2
Remember the radio station jingles you grew up with? Of course you do. They're still stuck in your head. Who's responsible for that? Actually, Bill Meeks.

Always On Your Mind

Man In Supermarket - The Out Of My Mind Blog 2
When your wife asks you to go grocery shopping alone, she's trying to answer a fundamental question, the one at the root of all marriages: was mother right?

Here’s What’s In Store For You