Women Communicating - The Out Of My Mind Blog 2
According to Professor Deborah Tannen of Georgetown, “...women and men...talk differently when they are trying to achieve the same end.” What could go wrong?

Ms. Communication

Sewer Pipe Drain - The Out Of My Mind Blog 4
One day soon a total stranger will do to you what you've always wanted to do to your boss but couldn't because you lacked the required medical license.

Here’s Looking In You Kid

Little Girl with Eyes Crossed - The Out Of My Mind Blog 6
Sorry to tell you this, but while you slept yet another species edged closer to disappearing from our great land. Say goodbye to...

Well What Do You Know

Poured Concrete - The Out Of My Mind Blog 6
During the record 35-day government shutdown, government workers and contractors weren't the only ones hurt. There was fallout across the economy.

Good Buy

Dapper Man With Cane - The Out Of My Mind Blog 2
When it comes to the Big One, Los Angelenos are said to be living in a state of denial. But with so many Big Ones in our lives earthquakes are low on our lists.

No Cane, I’m Able