Truck Loaded Down With Junk - The Out Of My Mind Blog 4
There’s still time to do your spring cleaning. So step up, accept your manly responsibility and explain to your wife the real reason men acquire so many things.

Everything I Own Will Soon Be History

Cartoon Of Man Watching Television - The Out Of My Mind Blog 8
After World War II, the United States enticed Germany's best and brightest scientists to live in our country. Now Germany wants to square the deck.

Our Good For Nothing Future

Cat In Repose - The Out Of My Mind Blog 4
Can modern scientific research into cats’ behavior help men lead better lives? Oh, boy.

Men Can Be Catty Too

Women Communicating - The Out Of My Mind Blog 2
According to Professor Deborah Tannen of Georgetown, “...women and differently when they are trying to achieve the same end.” What could go wrong?

Ms. Communication

Sewer Pipe Drain - The Out Of My Mind Blog 4
One day soon a total stranger will do to you what you've always wanted to do to your boss but couldn't because you lacked the required medical license.

Here’s Looking In You Kid