Wrinkled Sheets - The Out Of My Mind Blog 8
Can wrinkled bedsheets destroy the potential for a romantic evening? Here's what one expert has to say. (FOR THE RECORD: The expert is my wife.)

Sleep On It

Marijuana Smoking - The Out Of My Mind Blog 4
High society is back. Not the glamour of the 1930s, the high society Baby Boomers enjoyed the 1960s and 70s. But for those of us in states where marijuana is legal, much has changed beside our waistlines, hair color, and bedtimes.

High Society

Mark Zuckerberg - The Out Of My Mind Blog 8
From Russian hackers to Cambridge Analytica, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg would like to apologize if Facebook breached your trust. But old habits die hard.

Who Knows

Grace Murray Hopper and Univac - The Out Of My Mind Blog
If you're just finishing up the toilet paper and AAA batteries you bought for Y2K, you might be interested in who's responsible for Y2K in the first place.

Woman’s Work