WMCA Good Guys (1964) - The Out Of My Mind Blog 2
No time to read? Listen to the podcast.   Back in the 1950s, Ruth Meyer toiled away as a copywriter at a Kansas City, Missouri radio station. She wanted to be a journalist, but in the Ozzie and Harriett era copywriting, along with such jobs as teaching and nursing, was […]

Rock And Role Model

Motel Sign - The Out Of My Mind Blog 4
In 1958 John Houghtaling, a former pots and pans salesman, shook the motel business. And that was only the beginning of a symbol of the freedom of the open road.

Good Vibrations

Stage Microphone - The Out Of My Mind Blog 2
Whether you're the guest of honor or a humble attendee, there's one thing no event can do without. And that's an MC who can make or break an evening.

Please No Applause