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Not everyone likes change, but this one I think is for the better. So many of you have taken my suggestion and subscribed to the Out Of My Mind podcast that almost no one is reading these blog post version any more

Good for you.

You can listen to the podcasts anywhere and, in my humble opinion, the storytelling is more entertaining, and more informative, than what I can do in the written versions. So, the blog post versions of each little-known story are going away. Starting now. I’m using the time I save to find even more little-known details about each story topic to make the podcasts more interesting and, dare I say, amazing.

If you already get an email every time a new blog post or episode goes online, that’s going to continue. You might also want to subscribe to the podcast. Same word, subscribe, different results. Your phone, tablet or computer will notify you (only) when a new podcast episode is ready. Here’s a link that explains how to do that.

Good Humor

The humor essays will continue, on a bi-weekly basis for now. If you stay on the mailing list you’ll get an email when new humor gets posted online.

Listen Up

Meanwhile, you can listen to this week’s podcast, about the science behind coincidences by using the player below. (See how easy this is?)

Is this change good or bad? Let me know. The show now has its own phone number. Call 323-465-3322 with your questions, comments and suggestions.

Thanks for being a supporter of these Out Of My Mind stories. I hope you find the podcasts a worthy replacement for the written versions. And stay tuned for some new podcasts that I have in the works. Hey, it’s not my fault. I’m a pawn of the 21st century.

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