Episode 061—What? A Coincidence?

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It’s no coincidence that we judge coincidences to be somewhere between the Twilight Zone and a disturbance in The Force. They’re weird. They’re creepy. They’re scary. They can’t be explained.

Okay, hold on a minute. That last one. You’ve got to take responsibility for that.

As it turns out, coincidences are mainly constructed in our minds, not in some cosmic space. We pour the foundation when we substitute our intuition for reality. Then we do our darnedest to make sure that the coincidence we have under construction blossoms into something akin to the Taj Mahal, complete with detailed ornamentation and a supporting staff.

In Episode 061, Out Of My Mind podcast host Jay Douglas throws a party to better tell the story of the science (and math) behind coincidences.


Listen to Episode 061


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