Episode 055—High Society

Marijuana use, in one form or another, is currently legal in over half the states, and that number is going higher. So are Baby Boomers, who, in many cases, are returning to marijuana after 30 to 40 years of abstinence. In Episode 55, Out Of My Mind podcast host Jay Douglas — along with his guest, marijuana activist Patti Gordon — tells the story of why getting high in your sixties is not like getting high in the sixties. And what you should know before you take another puff of the magic dragon.

Want More?

Check out the blog story at The Out Of My Mind Blog. And be sure to read the Mind Doodle at the end of the post for a little-known story about how some weddings end with the newly-married couple being toasted with pot instead of champagne.

An Out Of My Mind Extra

Hear what marijuana-activist Patti (“Paticakes”) Gordon has to say about how one marijuana dispensary found a way to give back to its community and why it’s the right thing to do.

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