Episode 060—Pardon Me Is That A Ford In Your Salad? 2

Episode 060 Logo And Title - The Out Of My Mind BlogIt should have been an easy story to tell. The history of Bac*Os, the popular bacon substitute that showed up on grocery shelves in 1965. But as host Jay Douglas relates in Episode 60 of Out Of My Mind, stories have minds (and twists and turns) of their own. This one is no exception. Not only does it have a twist all its own, it has a cast of characters — well, one character — whom you’d never expect to find in a story about a soy-based salad topping.

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Check out the blog story at The Out Of My Mind Blog. And don’t miss the Mind Doodle at the end of the post for a story about one man’s incredible passion for sharing his knowledge of soybeans and soyfoods.

An Out Of My Mind Extra

Although he’s written at great length about soybeans and soyfoods — including their uses and their histories — Bill Shurtleff’s interest in soybeans is more than academic. Here, in his own words, he describes why he believes soybeans occupy — or should occupy — a special position in our lives.

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